Paneles Movable Walls

Acoustic 80

Acoustic 80 does not compromise on sound insulation and is a perfect solution for office meeting rooms, schools and restaurants.  It is also an economical option for a home use.  

Acoustic 100

Acoustic 100 movable wall system can create silence with a panel thickness of 107mm.  It is extremely easy to operate and very heavy duty.  The maximum height of the wall is to 15 meters.  We are proud to say that we have installed 13 meter high wall at the Convention Hall of  Central Festival Nakhonratchasima, the highest wall so far in Thailand.

13 meter high Movable Wall system, operated by one man very smoothly @  Central Festival Nakhonratchasima, Convention Hall.

Transacoustic 80/100

Noise can be kept inside but beautiful interior can still be seen through the acoustically designed double glass panels.  Complete visibility in any environment: attractive design which is totally inviting and unique with colors to suit any interior finishing.

Glazing/Glazing V

Even if there were no acoustic requirements in space design, completely transparent room division can be done with Glazing system.  This model comes in two types: 1. glass panel with top and bottom rail, 2. glass panel with both horizontal and vertical aluminum profiles and available in any many powder coated finishes.