Motion4 Linear Automatic Doors

The EvoDrive is a compact and elegant automatic door operator specifically designed for internal sliding doors commonly used in hotels, offices, private homes, care homes, hospitals and other types of buildings.

Powered by the innovative magnetic linear motor technology developed by MOTION4, it measures only 60 mm high x 65 mm deep, combining the size of a manual sliding door track with the functions and performance of a traditional automatic door operator.

Thanks to its smart design, all the internal elements are easily accessible by simply pulling the front cover down, to ease maintenance. It incorporates wireless technology to communicate the main board with the motor, to avoid the use of cables, wires and other mechanical elements for a simple installation and reliable performance.


Compact aluminium housing: only 60×65 mm

Minimum clear opening: 700 mm. Track length: 1450 mm

Maximum clear opening: 1400mm Guide length: 2850 mm

Leaf weight up to 80Kg

Adjustable opening speed: 200 to 800 mm/s

Acceleration and braking curves: 200 to 800 mm/s2

Low operating noise: <50 dB

Power supply: 230 AC 50-60 Hz (110 V on demand)

Power consumption:
– In operation: 80 W
– Peaks (0,2 sec): 150 W
– Stand-by: 5 w


Electric three phase AC motor type LSMPM – Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets

Tension: 24V DC 

Peak current: 5A

Operating current: 3A

Motor driver:

– Magnetic position feedback with 3 hall cells.

– Motion control by means of a driver with field oriented control (FOC)
– Wireless communication

Operated by Microcontroller (MCU)
Wireless communication
 4 operating modes:
– Automatic
– Open
– Close or Close/Lock (with optional auto lock)
– Exit Only / Access control
Adjustable parameters:
– Push & go
– Opening direction: right or left
– “Low energy” or normal mode
– Opening speed
– Closing force
– Obstruction sensitivity
– Hold-open time
Conform to European norms and directives in force:
– Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery
– Directive 2004/108/EC on “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
– Directive 2004/95/EC on “Safety of low voltaje electrical appliances
– Norm EN16005: “Power operated pedestrian doorsets – Safety in use