JNV International Supplies Co.,Ltd. established in 1990 with an aim of  serving Architects and Interior Designers with quality building supplies such as ironmongery, automatic door systems, acoustic movable wall systems and doors.  We are known in the market as ‘JNV – Acoustic Movable Wall Specialist’


We are an importer, manufacturer, supplier, installer and after-sales service provider in Thailand with more than 30 years of experience with different  brands and we still provide spare parts and maintenance service for our walls as well as walls supplied by other companies.

Motion 4 Automatic Interior Doors

We also import, supply, install and provide after-sales service for automatic door systems.   Motion 4 automatic sliding doors from Spain.  They are installed in major hospitals and hotels in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Manusa Automatic Door Systems

Automatic door gears for sliding and swing door system for commercial building entrances.  Manusa specializes in Hermetic Doors for Operating rooms and ICUs.  Complete with automatic gears and doors, many colors to choose from , anti-bacterial finishes.

Manusa Turnstile System

Security in most commercial buildings are tightened, a need for  a beautifully designed access control system is increasing tremendously for the past 10 years.  Manusa Turnstile system can meet the needs perfectly.

FSB Door Hardware

Designer door handles and hardware fittings from Germany.  Beautiful design and high quality, 100% manufactured in Germany, unlike many other brands, of which are manufactured in China with poor quality control.   They look similar but without the high quality.  Stainless steel is 316 Grade.

CES German Door Lock Sets

High quality Mortise locks and European key cylinders with thumb turn or key sets.  Comes in different functions, such as privacy, store and security, suitable for both commercial and residential projects.