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Strip Ceiling, ฝ้าอลูมิเนียม

Aluminium Strip/ฝ้าระแนงอลูมิเนียม

The aluminium strip consists of an AlMn 1 Mg 0.5 alloy to DIN 1725 H 48 and high - gloss anodised made from AL 99.85 (hard).

Behaviour in fire

Non - combustible construction materials, Class A to DIN 4102 (A 1, A2).


The visible face of the strips is stove - enamelled and is available in all RAL colours. The polyester paint has a thickness of 20 , is corrosion - resistant, light - fast, abrasion - resistant, frost - resistant, water - repellent, odour - free and electrostatically non - chargeable.

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